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The Corrections or Jail Division is responsible for the housing and management of inmates with both state and federal charges. The jail facility is designed to meet guidelines to house federal prisoners.

The jail division is staffed with deputies and correctional officers that are trained how to supervise and manage the large number of inmates that the facility houses.

Responsibilities of the jail division staff include some of the following:

Security of inmates.
Enforcing jail rules and policies.
Responding to inmate disturbances.
Maintaining a clean jail environment.
Providing nutritional meals to inmates.
Maintaining a peaceful jail environment.
Transportation of inmates.
Monitoring health and obtaining medical attention for inmates.
Escorting inmates to and from court.

Inmates of the jail have access to collect telephone calls only and are allowed to make telephone calls only during certain hours of the day. Telephone messages of any kind are not allowed to be passed to inmates from outside citizens.

If you are having problems getting collect calls from an inmate or if you wish to block an inmate from calling you,
please call: Encartel at 1-800-562-7062. Or contact them on the web at:

Should you need to speak with a Corrections Officer please call: 1-660-827-0056.

Visitation information and rules can be found below.

Letters, photographs, or any other type of written correspondence to an inmate must be sent via postal mail. Correspondence cannot be left at our office for personal delivery. Envelopes should be addressed in the following format:

Pettis County Jail
Attn: Inmate (Insert full name here)
333 S. Lamine
Sedalia, MO. 65301

Jail Visitation

Time / Day
1300 - ?
1800 - ?
B pod
A & M pods

C pod

G pod

W/R & H Pods

F & J pods

D & K Pods
L pod
E pod

As of August 1, 2011 no packages will be accepted for any inmate. Money will no longer be accepted at the counter or by mail. You can give money to an inmate through our kiosk, by phone at Access Secure Deposits 800 number: 1-800-345-1884 or by browsing to Inmate Deposits.
Please see our homepage for more information.

Property for inmates will no longer be accepted. Inmates can make purchases at the commissary.